Beauregard Horses Oill on Canvas

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Equestrian Painting, Oil on Canvas by Renowned Artist Charles Grant Beauregard. Three Beautiful Horses Drinking at A trough.  Inpainting noted below Chestnut Horse and damage to canvas in upper center, in need of restoration.  Frame open at corners.

Excerpt From Ask Art:

A versatile artist of the Hudson River School in the last quarter of the 19th century, Charles Grant Beauregard was born in Montreal and emigrated to upstate New York as a young man, settling in Troy by 1872 and living most of his adult life in this area. He painted portraits on private commission and also taught at the Emma Willard School. Beauregard excelled at formal and informal portraiture, serene pastoral landscapes with cows watering, bustling barnyard scenes with colorful fowl and other genre works, as well as the occasional still life.
His paintings are found in many private collections, including that of the Albany Medical School, which features two of his portraits of their early presidents in the entrance lobby. He worked mainly in oil and his usual signature on larger works is "C. G. Beauregard", while his smallest Hudson River School landscapes are typically oil on panel signed only with his initials.