Oil on Canvas of the Bucolic Danish Coastline Rorvig Alfred Broge

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Oil on Canvas of the Bucolic Danish Coastline "Rorvig"- 1945 by Alfred Broge (1870-1955). This beautiful coastal scene of the Danish landscape is wonderful to look at. The grasses and water are moving in the gently blowing Danish breeze with cattle grazing the fields in the middleground. We can just spy the house between the tall green trees settled below the ever moving clouds of the Danish North Sea Landscape. So serene and skillfully rendered, by a master painter, it pulls you right in. Educated at the Royal Academy, Broge was a pupil of Rudolf Bissen. Broge painted interiors and landscapes and city scapes but is best known for his quintessential quiet interiors with women in deep thought and his bucolic landscapes. His work was popular during the time he was actively painting and even more so now. It is still often reproduced on postcards and posters and was especially so during the 1920's- 30's. Broge traveled extensively throughout Europe and spent much time painting with the other great painters of the day in France, Spain and Italy during the 20's. His work was chose for exhibition at Charlottenborg's Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1892-1926, and in Northern Denmark at the Aarhus Exhibition of 1909 and in Bergenholz in 1923 as well as many many other exhibitions spanning many decades. This is a very special work by an very well shown, respected and published artist. The custom gilt frame is original to this relined work with incredibly beautiful flowers and leaves in the corners and lovely detailing throughout.