Throw Fabulous Faux Furs- Black Mink 60x86*

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Donna Salyers Own Notes, "Add drama and texture to your favorite sitting area with a Black Mink throw! More than a chic, glamorous decorative accessory, a Black Mink throw brings a healthy dose of come-sit-by-me coziness. A classic in our Signature Series, Black Mink represents a standard others strive to emulate. A soft, medium-length fur, with pelt lines just so, the secret behind its amazing authenticity and popularity is the perfect amount of sheen. Technicalities aside, all you need to know is Black Mink with its fluid, flowing hand, brings maximum ambiance and understated elegance to a living room, bedroom or study. Available in multiple sizes, Black Mink throws are the perfect balance of luxe and function! Velvet-lined, our Black Mink throws offer the convenience of easy care machine wash/line dry". 60" x 86" of Fabulousness!